How to use Probe Covers
It is produced for use during trans vaginal and trans anal ultrasound examinations. It is produced from a material texture that provides excellent fineness in the distribution and transmission of sound waves, but is very resistant to tearing ultrasound probe covers fit perfectly with the transducer. It is produced in Non Sterile, flat and conical shape.

Probe Cover - RADIOLOGY
Ultrasound probe covers and Kits used in Radiology are produced Non Sterile in various sizes, flat and bellows for the Transducer.
Since these probe covers are long in size, they protect not only the probe but also the cable and components. Since it is telescopic folding, it is easily applied by hand with minimal contamination. In addition to the case, the kits include 3 stabilizers and 20ml ultrasound gel.

Probe Cover - CARDIOLOGY

Probe Cover High-quality material and meticulously processed details offer cardiology professionals a reliable and durable probe protection. With its compact design and ease of use, Composet Medical Cardiology "Probe Cover" is designed to provide maximum performance and reliability in your field of expertise.

Camera Cover
The camera cover is made of PE material and designed to be used in all endoscopic operations. It is a 14cm/250 cm long, cardboard-supported, telescopically folded (nested bellows) mounted, non-sterile product designed to be suitable for use with all types of ready-to-use cameras.

Microscope Cover

The microscope cover is made of PE material and folded telescopically (with nested bellows) using the desired size and frame upon request and is designed to be used in all microscopic operations.
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