About Us

Composet Medical produces disposable products for drape set manufacturers.
Thanks to our own products and the strong relationships with drape sets manufacturers, Composet becomes the important player of the sector
Along with the quality management certificates, experienced staff and machinery, we can identify and produce the products that will be needed in surgical operations.
In addition to our own ...


Our Vision

To specialize in cover set consumables,
to increase our product diversity in the field of consumables,
to ensure that our customers reach the best quality product under the most suitable conditions,

to contribute to the development of the sector with the investments,

as well as the production we carry out using our quality and management system documents regularly.

We always aim to achieve better by integrating innovative ideas into the ...


Our Mission

We see our product and service quality as the most important element that ensures customer satisfaction and therefore affects our commercial success.

We maintain the compliance of our quality management system with ISO 13485:2016 and ensure that our customer approvals are up-to-date.

At Composet, we define quality as ensuring certain standards and meeting customer needs by working in accordance with defined conditions and procedures...


"Surgical pack components for every operation"

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